Exhibition in Hagen - From 25. July 2007 in the Thomas Oskar Stockey's Gallery in Hagen 58091 Dahler Str. 40/A Deutschland, You could see some works of Krzysztof Falcman. Contact in Hagen: +49 23313427598 or mobile phone +49 17664187614

BLACKBOX in Kołobrzeg - From 30. April to 19. May 2007 in the Café of Pro-Vita Spa Hotel in Kołobrzeg at a Kościuszki Street 15 a photo exhibition of Pomeranian Photographic Group BLACKBOX takes place. You could see some works of Krzysztof Falcman, Agnieszka Falcman, Radek Waluda and Adam Wysocki. Press articles

BLACKBOX in Łeba - Pomeranian Photographic Group BLACKBOX will present its works in the Town Library's Gallery in Łeba from 16. February to 02. March. press articles