I was born in Poland in 1960. I have been a photographer for over thirty years now. I use a camera as an instrument, just like painters use their brushes.
I prefer creative and artistic photography. I strive to take pictures that are dreamy and that express my imagination. Symbols play a big part in my work; they help me to convey a story or an idea. I let the viewer decide on his or her final interpretation.
Most of all, I love the process of creation itself. Perhaps that is why I value the emotional nuances in my photos; they allow me to capture an emotion in a single frame that can be discovered and rediscovered by new viewers.
For a short period of time I experimented with digital cameras and with digital printing technology, only to come to the realization that its effects are not to my liking.
So, here I am, using old analog cameras and the only thing that I hope for is that special joy when I look at a negative and see the potential, blank canvas ready to be painted with light and my imagination. Let it continue...